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November, 2014
Looking for a great baby shower gift, this swaddling blanket from Nested Bean is worthy! ...Read More

September, 2014
"Makes a great, GREAT shower gift." - Danielle, Glow Maternity...Read More

July, 2014
"He is out in 2 minutes flat after being swaddled in the Zen"...Read More

May, 2014
Snug and secure, Baby will be off to dreamland in no time!...Read More

April, 2014
" It cut my usually 45-50 minute bedtime feeding and getting him down to sleep to just a 20 minute feeding."...Read More

March, 2014
"Does your newborn have zero interest in being anywhere other than your arms? Who can blame him?"...Read More

March, 2014
"He slept for ten hours. TEN HOURS. To go from three to ten? Insanity."...Read More

February, 2014
"If you have a newborn, you’ll love that you can really get your money’s worth with this swaddle"...Read More

February, 2014
" There are weighted sections of this swaddling blanket on the sides and in the middle to mimic the feeling of the baby being in your arms."...Read More

January 2014
"This swaddle is really soft as it's 100% cotton. So know that baby is getting the softest on their skin."...Read More