Our Story

We know that bringing your new baby home is wonderful… and a little anxiety inducing! There’s so much to discover about caring for your new little one. It’s natural to feel moments of uncertainty as you learn your baby’s cry cues, eating habits and sleep patterns. Each member of the Nested Bean team has experienced the joys and the challenges, the milestones and the tears that come with raising small children. We’re also familiar with the sleepless nights. We’ve spent countless hours walking and rocking our exhausted, fitful infants. In fact, the journey toward developing our first product, the Zen Swaddle™, began two years ago when my husband and I welcomed our second son.

Your story is our story. Countless sleepless nights with our children lead to the discovery that by harnessing the power of maternal touch, we could help babies sleep better. 

Mother of Invention

It’s funny to look back on how confident I was at the time. I thought I knew everything there was to know about taking care of babies at that time. However, I quickly realized that my younger son had his own personality and unique challenges, quite different from my older one. The new baby struggled to calm, only resting while in my arms and immediately waking up when put down. Months of sleepless nights lay ahead of us.

Guided by mother’s intuition and driven to help my baby, I created a garment of sorts that simulated my touch. Slowly he started to drift off and stay asleep with little help from me.

After witnessing similar results with other babies using one of my early product models, I realized that I just had to spread this simple idea to other mothers in need.

I had discovered that harnessing the power of a mother’s touch is an essential part of unlocking the mystery of soothing new arrivals, aiding their transition from the womb into the world.

In fact, simulated touch is so powerful that it is often used on pre-term babies in NICUs to calm them, boost their socio-emotional development and bolster their immune systems.

Sharing the Secret

I gathered a team of professionals with a wide range of experiences—juvenile product design, engineering, marketing, retail and management—to join in this mission: to design a safe, beautiful, easy-to-use and affordable product that would simulate the security of maternal touch.

We began by meeting with medical professionals, research scientists, childcare professionals and safety experts and gathering as much research as we could on infant sleep and related challenges, touch therapy and safe sleep practices. Then we set about applying these principles to our product. Several ideas were created and discarded until we developed the Zen Swaddle™, the one design that met all of our goals to perfection.

Our team is excited to share this product with you along with the research behind its design and effectiveness. We care deeply about the little people of this world and consider it our mission to offer the best, safest products that cater to their needs and provide you with peace of mind because in many ways, your story is our story.

We are Nested Bean. Mom in Mind. Kids at Heart.

—Manasi Gangan, founder