How to Swaddle a Baby With the Zen Swaddle in 4 Easy Steps


 How to Swaddle a Baby Step 1

Place the swaddle as shown, with its wings open wide and weighted blanket pulled downwards. Place your baby in the center of the swaddle.
Use the leg pouch for a more snug fit until your baby is more than 23" tall and over 1 month. Legs can be placed over the pouch thereafter.

How to Swaddle a Baby Step 2

Secure the front of the swaddle blanket on top of your baby as shown. The center weight should be over the baby’s chest and side weights should be flat against the baby’s sides from under the arms down to the legs.

How to Swaddle a Baby Step 3

Cover the right shoulder of your baby completely with the left wing. Secure this wing under the back of your baby on the opposite side as shown.

How to Swaddle a Baby Step 4

Cover the left shoulder with the right wing and secure it under the back of the opposite side. Fasten using the Velcro. Always make sure that the swaddle isn't too tight by slipping your hand between the swaddle and your baby.


For babies that are too small or too big find it easy to escape most swaddles. If your baby is too small, please wait for a week or so. If your baby is too large you may be a better fit for the Zen Sack.

Swaddling Tips:

Step 1: Once you pull the weighted blanket down and place your baby in the center of the wings, choose to place his/her legs inside the pocket or out depending on his/her height.

Important Tip: Make sure that his/her shoulders are about 1-2 inches below the top edge of the wings. If you place your baby too low, it will create too many creases causing enough slack in the fabric for your baby to escape.

Step2: Pull the weighted blanket over your baby's body. The chick on the chest and the side weights against her chest.

Step 3: While the weighted blanket is in place, wrap the wings. The wing to your left should be tucked under the opposite arm and all the way under the back. 

The wing on your right should be wrapped across and behind the back attaching the velcro to the soft loop fabric on the back. 

Important Tip: When wrapping the wings, make sure that the wings come diagonally across such that they don't form creases near the shoulder. When wrapped perfectly both wings form a nice V shape just under baby's neck, arms are at the side or in front.

Here is one of our customer images with the swaddle wrapped covering the shoulders perfectly.  This customer has a great technique. Follow the steps and tips above to get this perfect swaddle each time!

This is the way to always get a snug swaddle perfectly wrapped each time