ZEN SWADDLE: The Swaddle With a Mother's Touch Posted on 20 Apr 15:59

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Lauren Jimeson, Mom & Babble Contributor describes using the Zen Swaddle blanket on her daughter Avery and added sleep and "peace of mind" it provided to them both:


"So as soon as Avery would fall asleep, the last thing I wanted to do was to hang out there in an uncomfortable position with my hand resting on her chest. That’s where the Zen Swaddle comes in. It allows for the baby to be swaddled but also gives the sense of the mother’s touch. Genius right?


Baby Swaddle - Zen Swaddle Classic Powder Blue

The Zen Swaddle features three weighted components on the swaddle to mimic the touch of the mother. In the center of the swaddle is the Peaceful Touch. The Peaceful Touch applies a gentle pressure on the abdomen of the baby as if your hand were laying on the baby’s chest. On either side of the swaddle is the Loving Embrace. The Loving Embrace surrounds each side of the baby to simulate being held.

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I’ve tried so many swaddles on Avery, but there is none like the Zen Swaddle. It’s offered me piece of mind knowing Avery is getting the comfort and rest she needs and I can get the rest that I need as well."


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