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Contrary to popular belief, blue is not just for the boys anymore. Blue’s calming effect and versatility actually make it the perfect neutral nursery theme. Thinking about breaking tradition? Here’s all our reasons why blue is our favorite- for girls or boys!

1. It’s Ultra Calming

Blue is associated with peace and serenity. Being the color of a calm and clear ocean or sky, the color blue has actually been shown to slow heart rate and breathing. It’s super relaxing, so it could even help your little one calm down before nap or bedtime. Combine blue walls with our Powder Blue Zen Swaddle or Zen Sack, and you’ll have yourself a sleepy, relaxed baby in no time.

2. So Many Shades

Go light, dark, or anywhere in between and you’ll still have the calming effect your looking for. The options with blue are endless. Go navy to create a nautical themed or starry night nursery. Consider a soft or baby blue for a bright and airy floral theme or think about a royal blue to create a fun primary colored nursery. Better yet, combine a few different shades of blue in the nursery for a more whimsical look. With so many shades to choose from, a blue nursery can be very versatile.

3. Pair it with anything

Blue is so neutral that you can virtually pair it with any other color – purple, pink, brown, orange, teal, red, white, grey, yellow, green…the entire rainbow pairs well with blue. Even black! We loved this sky blue nursery because all the black window trim and accents make the blue stand out without looking dark or gloomy. This nursery paired light blue walls with other bright colors like yellow, green, and orange to create a fun and creative space. You really can’t go wrong.

4. Guaranteed to fit your theme

The versatility of blue allows it to work well with other colors, but also lends itself to many different themes. Were you thinking rustic? Either a light blue or navy will look great with a wood-paneled wall and rustic accents. Safari? This Classic Grey and Blue Safari nursery is one of our favorites (plus it gives you an excuse to get our Starry Safari Swaddle and our Powder Blue)! Expecting a future sailor? Navy or royal blue paired with a bright red and some anchor accessories create the perfect nautical setting. For a cute floral theme, pair a navy blue with soft pinks and purples. And if you’re going modern, a white stripped accent wall will do the trick. The options are endless.

5. Works with wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a serious comeback and looks absolutely darling in blue nurseries. This dreamy Globetrotter wallpaper is full of detail and perfect for your future world traveler’s room. We’re also in love with this Jungle Jubilee wallpaper, perfect for your animal or safari themed nursery. This vintage-ish, blue and white nursery tales wallpaper is perfectly sweet for any nursery. But this gorgeous navy floral wallpaper is our absolute favorite.

6. It’s a classic

Blue is timeless. That’s why we love our Powder Blue swaddles and sacks. They’ll never go out of style and will always be cute! So will a blue nursery. As your baby grows older you can change themes and accent colors without having to completely repaint. Whether you’re having a boy or girl, or are waiting to be surprised, ordering a Powder Blue Zen Swaddle and choosing a blue nursery is a safe bet!

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