Product Use and Safety


The Zen Swaddle® and Zen Sack™ or Zen Sack are equally effective for naps and nighttime sleeping. For a step by step explanation of how to use the Zen Swaddle, please click here.


Both the Zen Swaddle and the Zen Sack can be washed frequently. The garment’s construction ensures filling stays in place through repeated washings. To protect the quality of fabric, we recommend washing in cold water, on a gentle cycle and drying using low heat.


At Nested Bean we take infant safety very seriously. Therefore when it came to designing and developing the safest product for your baby, we worked with multiple safety laboratories, all of whom are accredited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. To ensure safety in both design and quality, we involved safety firms at multiple stages of our product’s design and development, always ensuring the highest level of compliance.


The Zen Swaddle has undergone tests to meet both mandatory as well as voluntary safety standards to ensure that our product is of the highest quality. Our materials are designed to withstand frequent spit-ups and the subsequent multiple washes as well as your little one’s vigorous kicks and wiggles.


Temperature control is important as newborns are not good at regulating their own temperatures. The temperature in your baby’s room should feel comfortable to an adult in light clothing. The light-weight fabric our products are constructed from ensures your baby will not overheat due to swaddling alone. The filling density in the weighted parts of the swaddle or sleep sack is kept to the minimum to balance effectiveness and your baby’s safety.


• When laying baby down for swaddling ensure proper positioning of swaddle wings and weighted areas around your baby, by placing infant’s shoulders no lower than 1 ½ inches below the top edge of the back panel.
• Do not allow infants to slide down inside swaddle. Place infants less than 23” tall or less than 1 month old with feet inside the inner pocket and pull pocket over waist. Fold any extra fabric at the bottom of the swaddle up over torso and secure with swaddle wings.
• Swaddle wings must be securely tucked under your infant’s body. However, ensure swaddle is not too tight by slipping your hand between baby and swaddle; it should feel snug but not uncomfortable.
• Ensure the Loving Embrace™ is placed on each side starting under infant’s arms down to the thigh. Do not allow to move up onto infant’s chest.
• Ensure the Peaceful Touch™ is always placed on the lower chest and the top edge of blanket covering the baby is always at the chest level, never above your infant’s neck or covering his or her nose and mouth.
• Never use swaddle with products with restraints such as car seats, strollers, swings, etc.


• Experts say proper swaddling reduces the risk of SIDS. However following safe swaddling practice is just as important for the safety of your baby.
• A swaddle must be securely tucked under infant’s body. However ensure that swaddle is not too tight by slipping an adult hand between baby and swaddle; it should feel snug but not uncomfortable.
• Never swaddle using any product when your baby is sick, has a cough or fever in order to prevent restriction in breathing.
• Always place baby on their back to sleep, especially when swaddled.
• Always remove swaddle from crib when not in use.
• Never use a swaddle with products with restraints such as car seats, strollers, swings, etc.


• Do not use any objects such as pillows or soft toys in your infant’s sleeping environment.
• Never place your swaddled infant on soft surfaces such as your bed, a couch, an air mattress etc. as your baby can rollover and suffocate.
• Never sleep with your child in an adult bed, an adult can roll on top of an infant and suffocate them.
• Place your baby to sleep in an appropriate sleep product such as a crib, cradle, or bassinet.
• Use discretion when using any covering on your infant in warm rooms. Take care and periodically check that your baby is not overheated. Overheating may be a factor in SIDS. Do not over bundle.
Always provide supervision for continued safety of your child. When not sleeping, never leave your baby unattended.