Sleep for one
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The Power of Touch

Touch is the first sense we experience. Your touch signals your presence and support and helps your baby sleep. This is the concept that inspired the world’s best swaddle for your baby’s sleep.

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Touch concept that inspired the world's best swaddle


Your baby sleeps better in your arms or when your hand is on his chest. We replicated that gentle pressure with lightly weighted pads in our Zen Swaddle. Nothing can replace your embrace, but we think this could be a close second.

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Lightly Weighted Zen Swaddle

Transition with Ease

We created the Zen Sack for when your little one is too big for a swaddle but is not quite ready to go cold turkey. It eliminates the need for loose crib blankets, which means safer naps. It also happens to look pretty darn adorable.

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Best Swaddle Transition - Zen Sleep Sack


Need help winning a baby shower? That’s right, we said winning. Everyone knows the person with the best gift wins the baby shower. Well don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, have a look.

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Best Newborn Baby Gift Sets