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Mimics Touch + 2-sizes-in-1
Gentle weight eases colic.

Zen Swaddle™ Mimics Maternal Touch

The Zen Swaddle™, provides babies with the comfort and security they feel in your arms. With so many new sights and sounds outside the womb, it's not uncommon for babies to be agitated, making sleep nearly impossible. By combining the time-honored principles of swaddling with the scientifically proven benefits of simulated maternal touch, the Zen Swaddle™ helps soothe and nurture infants.

Experts Speak

Hospitals Use Simulated Touch
Hospitals have used simulated touch for years as a tonic for otherwise touch-deprived premature infants, soothing them, boosting their metabolism and speeding their growth.

Touch Helps Regulate Stress
Touch stimulates sensory receptors that increase levels of oxytocin - the feel good hormone - and reduce levels of cortisol - the stress hormone.


JJ Ramberg featured the Zen Swaddle on MSNBC Your Biz. Judges gave our idea a 10 Rating
Featured on MSNBC
"One of my favorite products...Makes a great, great shower gift." - Danielle, Glow Maternity On Chex TV, Canada
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