Zen Swaddle: The Perfect Infant Swaddling Blanket

The Zen Swaddle® is effective because it is based on several established, well-documented principles pertaining to  infant sleep, the power of touch and the benefits of swaddling.

About The Zen Swaddle®

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The Zen Swaddle®:

  • Swaddles your baby, which has been documented to enable better infant sleep in newborns by mimicking the environment of a mother’s womb and increasing the baby’s likelihood of sleeping through the startle reflex
  • Provides simulated touch, which is proven to stabilize heart rates and reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels in pre-term babies, thus boosting their immune system
  • Extends the security and benefits of maternal touch, promoting socio-emotional health

Learn more about the well documented principles pertaining to infant sleep, the power of touch and the benefits of swaddling to help understand how the Zen Swaddle™ applies these principles to create the perfect transition for your baby from the Womb into the World.

It is no wonder that People.com voted the Zen Swaddle® as a "Newborn Essential That Makes Motherhood a Breeze".

    2 WAYS To Swaddle USING ZEN SWADDLE® - Quick Step Guide

    Swaddle with arms in 
    How to swaddle a baby with arms in 

    Or with arms out

    How to swaddle a baby with arms out

    For descriptive step by step how to swaddle instructions, visit our Learn More section. The Learn More section also contains important information related to Product Safety and Product Use.

    The Zen Swaddle® is the only infant swaddle blanket to mimic your touch. Touch or simulated touch is medically proven to soothe babies as it triggers a self soothing response and improves the ability of infants to regulate stress. 

    The Zen Swaddle® combines the benefits of swaddling and the power of touch to provide a time-tested and truly safe, secure environment for your baby. Its lightly weighted parts apply gentle pressure on your baby's sides and center to provide the comfort and security of being held. 

    Therefore, the Zen Swaddle® creates a calm environment that both nurtures babies’ development and provides a solution for common infant sleep problems.